Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

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In this video, I’m refreshing my jewelry collection with a mix of gold and silver earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces from Target. There’s also a hair accessory, a couple pair of sunglasses, and some makeup brushes from one of my favorite affordable makeup brush brands!

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➜ Earring Cuff
Gold with Pearls

➜ Silver Eternity Band Thumb Ring ✖ Worn on Thumb

➜ Gold Criss-Cross Plain Ring ✖ Worn on Pointer Finger

➜ Gold Princess Cut CZ Eternity Ring ✖ Worn on Ring Finger

➜ Mascara (a new favorite – it’s so good!!!)

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New Favorite Creme Contour/Bronzer!

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By Rubin

14 thoughts on “★HUGE *TARGET* JEWELRY HAUL★…and other accessories! | Trendy Picks to Stay Stylish!”
  1. Which one was your favorite?!?!

    Hello & welcome once again to the Jen-Nanigan show lol – today we learn that Jen has a new use for her beloved sherpa (in an area of her body where sherpa has never gone before), the most random reference to the movie “Face/Off”…why….just why, a pair of sunglasses perfect for hopping on the back of a motorcycle and/or making grandma’s favorite recipe, ranking earrings as if we’re in the Olympics with medals being awarded, and a ring that’s as “hot mess as Jen is”….enjoy!

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  2. Face Off! Luv the Peach statement! Thx for shopping for us Jen. Luv Luv your humor! 😂🤣😂 Keep on doin you Boo! ❤️

  3. I love having three piercings in my ears. It was a high school thing and I quite for years. Now I’m all for it again.

  4. How great to wake up to a Jen video to start my day. I hope you keep the white sunglasses! They look great on you. I started wearing white around age 12 and never stopped. Yes on that cuff earring, now I want one.(two) I feel like such a copy cat sometimes. Now don’t you be hopping on the back of some random dude’s motorcycle – unless your hubby is there to film it! Loved this video!

  5. As usual fun to watch!! You better not hop of a random motorcycle!! Just saying. I think accessories are often overlooked, they can make or break an outfit sometimes. (my opionion) I love that you number your outfits and looks helps a lot. Thanks for the video!!

  6. Yeah Jen is an expert in being cool, feeling the vibe, goofy, and edgy. And when she says send help for makeup she really means send more makeup 😉 . Jen I love your sense of humor. My favorite was the sherpa hair clip that is going to be amazing in your hair. Great finds!

  7. Jenn…. So funny I love the non edited video bc it’s real.. not perfect so life like right?!! Donna I am a apple shaped but I’m plus size. My weight fluctuations (thyroid sucks) but mostly size 22. Please join up and have some fun trying shit on with Jenn! Love the necklace and love it’s different (shows got something specific for her personality).

  8. Oh and yes please show the returns. Bc I’m the idiot that would buy the sports bra that doesn’t hold “the girls” up n would end up I. My trunk to eventually( never) return.

  9. Ok…love all those jewelery options..But…that conch cuff where did you get it? It is gorgeous!

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