Tue. May 24th, 2022

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15 thoughts on “FTC issues new warnings about engagement rings”
  1. Let’s be honest they should have known immediately on the price $$ that it was lab-made. Sounds to me that they didn’t do the research and also they wouldn’t have been able to afford a mined diamond of those specifications and ct size, come on…

  2. I’d be post too! It’s not about the diamond it’s the price they charge you for the real thing!!!! That’s fucked up!

  3. This news story is ridiculous…. That’s lady’s ring really saved a child and the earth. There is nothing wrong with lab jewelry!

  4. Of course the size and realness of a diamond determines the success and happiness of a marriage! I wonder if these same people who must have “real” big diamonds feel the same about the food they eat (lab grown or gmo) 🤦🏿🤷🏿

  5. Test it under a black light natural diamonds tend to glow, green, yellow purple even blue

  6. This woman molly seems lucky just to have someone to buy her a ring. She shouldn’t get bogged into the details.

  7. Be glad ! It’s still a diamond. My fiance and I purchased my ring from Zales.. it’s so Beautiful!!!! My engagement ring was seventeen thousand dollars with tax and insurance it came to a little over two grand. ( We have my guarantee and insurance.) Personally these days the man and his lady SHOULD go together..both ask questions..and video tape it! From the least expensive to the most expensive… If he gets on his knee and presents you with the ring you both picked and paid for.. you might not be so surprised…but you WILL KNOW what your getting!!!!

  8. This is such a stupid report lab grown diamonds are the same as Natural diamonds like its not like its moissanite or cubic zirconia. Its funny that lady is bitching about her diamond while living in a trailer park

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