Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

In this episode, we talk how much you should spend on an engagement ring. One months salary? Three? Skip the ring altogether? Find out by tuning in!

Weighing in we have…

Bobbi Rebell, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® and host of The Financial Grown Up Podcast

Jamila Souffrant, Blogger and Podcaster at Journey To Launch


Carmen Perez, Blogger at Make Real Cents

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21 thoughts on “How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring? (According to Women)”
  1. I really wished I knew back then (16yrs ago ) what I know now, I saved like 6months of income to have her be Wowed when I presented her the ring. A totally ego thing that wasn’t necessary at all. Live and Learn.

    1. @Stefanie O’Connell She was but it hindered us buying a house and she has told me that it wasn’t necessary ( but she didn’t return it. Lol) I would have talked to her about what we want to do in the next 2-5yrs and then made a decision and a budget for the ring.

    2. @Todd Ray It’s always a great conversation to have. You can still have that conversation about any updates to the ring you guys (if you decide to) make in the future. It’s also a great lesson to teach your kids!

  2. Great video and subject Stefanie. I hate that rings and wedding costs put so many couples in debt when they’re starting out. Lucky enough that my wife and I agree on the point so we just did our wedding rings rather than an engagement ring as well.

  3. I definitely think the whole engagement ring thing is a marketing ploy to get people to spend a lot of money on the rings. With that said, I plan on getting my girlfriend a really nice ring anyway lol. Honestly, she would probably react like Stefanie, say I spent too much and try to return it so that we can achieve our life goals. In which case we’ll do that. But years down the line, as we build wealth and get deeper into our careers, I’ll get her an asteroid of a ring to make up for it.

  4. It boils down to what you can afford and what your fiancee would like because you’re the one buying it and she’s the one who has to wear it for the rest of her life. Not every woman likes diamonds, not every woman likes big rings, not every woman wants a small ring. If you know your SO likes shiny things, likes bling likes glam they most likely would want a big shiny ring but someone who doesn’t like big jewelry might find it tacky to have the heart of the sea on their finger. It really depends

    1. As a guy, I sure as heck hope the woman I marry doesn’t want a big expensive ring. If she does then she obviously doesn’t have her priorities straight and I’m not the right man for her.

    2. No Hymen No Diamond! these 304s don’t deserve a dime they been putting out for chad and tyrone for FREE.

  5. I’m not married and never had a girlfriend, but IMO I would get an engagement ring just because it’s traditional. Some people may say it’s unnecessary because she’s going to get a wedding ring anyway, but I don’t see any problem with it. My aunt had her engagement and wedding rings soldered together, and I suspect that’s what I’d probably want my future wife to do. That said, I wouldn’t want to spend a whole lot on an engagement ring and wouldn’t want to get a massive, hulking stone, just one that’s visible. I just hope I don’t become engaged to a girl who expects her guy to spend his life savings on a ring with a crazy giant diamond. If that’s what she wants then I’m obviously not the right man for her.

  6. My girl is getting a ring, I’m sneaky and study her pinterest for ideas (take notes, guys) but I refuse to spend more than a couple grand and even that’s pushing it and she agrees. It’s a stupid idea when a 30 year old couple is trying to start and family and home. Use your head, boys. If she expects a massive price tag, she probably isn’t the one.

  7. Forget the engagement ring, put the money towards a down payment. Engagement rings need to be phased out. Waste of money.

  8. How come there is no gift for the husband to be? She gets a ring, but what does the man get from her to symbolize their love that he can show off in public?
    I love that when they mention “budget”, it is not their money they are spending. They are talking about spending their boyfriend’s money on their ring.

  9. Why are these woman talking….is not thar important while having a huge engagement ring on their finger?..

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