Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Simple DIY project making wedding rings out of copper and wood.

Hardwood from Kencraft:

Copper Tube:
Pipe Cutter:
Butane Torch:
Ring Stretcher:
Drum Sander:
Hand Plane:
Medium CA Glue:
Thin CA Glue:
Belt Sander:
Turning Tools:
Copper Protector:

Tempest Rings:
Patrick Adair Designs:

Year 4 Rings:
Year 3 Rings:
Year 2 Rings:
Year 1 Rings:

Music by Me:
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By Shane

29 thoughts on “How to Make Copper and Wood Wedding Rings”
  1. Nice rings! I watched the video and maybe i will try this later. Thanks for learning how to make them!

    1. All them held up great except last years! Last years rings got destroyed by the puppy. 🙁

  2. These came out really nice, and I love tradition of a new ring each year! I can’t believe it’s been a year since the last ring video though!

  3. That’s cool. Go glass city, I from Sylvania. Been watching these vids an never new we were from the same town lol. keep up the good work.

  4. I love youe videos, I would love to get your opinion.
    I’m starting a woodshop for $3000.
    How would allocate the money if you were restarting? I want to make small marketable unique items that sell, and would allow me to grow the shop over time.

  5. Love the idea and execution. I hate jewelry. This would be the only annual anniversary jewelry I’d accept.

  6. Don’t know if you ever mentioned it but what happens to old rings? I hope I can do this some day

  7. I really enjoy watching your videos. My wife has supported this hobby more than any other one I have had. I have put a lot of other “hobbies” aside cause this just feels so much more rewarding. Your videos have taught me so much and inspired many of my own ideas. Your attitude in your videos is amazing and helpful. I also purchased your cutting board book and find it very useful. On a personal note the things I gain from woodworking have helped me a lot. I am more productive and can put a creation to use or give to another as well as helping me with patience. This makes me think and breathe and focus. I really do appreciate it.
    Video Idea: A safety video sort of like the video where you go around talking about your favorite tools but for each tool you give a quick safety tip. Just something we dont always think of or to help someone getting that tool for the first time.

  8. I like this method for the purpose of not wasting wood so I got myself a hand planer but am struggling to get nice clean curl of wood (especially with the harder woods). After watching this video, I think I may not be going fast enough but I’m also wondering if my blade just isn’t sharp enough or if my blade depth isn’t right. Any chance anyone knows how deep the blade should be?

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