Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

My thoughts on the very unique ring designed by Machine Gun Kelly for his fiancé Megan Fox.

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I was asked to react to the engagement ring that Machine Gun Kelly designed. I was able to see just how unique it is, including using birthstones, elongated pear shapes, pave set diamonds. Another aspect of this ring that took me by surprise was that it was actually designed as a set, not just a single ring!

By Shane

15 thoughts on “Jeweler Reacts to Megan Fox Engagement Ring”
  1. I cut opals for a hobby. Some of my favorites are free form because that’s just where the crystal went. Would love to see what you could design from these interesting shapes

  2. My dad is a goldsmith too and we have a goldsmith shop where we make custom jewelries (we’ve been making custom jewelries for over 20 years). I love your videos because it opens people’s horizons to custom jewelry. I love custom jewelry because it’s made just for you. The piece was designed with you in mind. Which makes the piece super special.

  3. Awwwe good thing our marriage was born in April 😂 Diamond is my anniversary stone yes please thanks bye

  4. He looks like beetle juice and I bet those are recorded birds lol her ring is hideous looks like it’s off of a Claire’s rack/ and I love “different” rings

  5. I’m an April baby and for 37 yrs I have to agree being a Diamond birthstone has been wonderful and amazing. From the most amazing gifts that are custom I’ve received throughout my life I still have every single one (I’m that person who treasures them and loves things passed down so as life would have it despite elders jewelry passed to aunts somehow being the baby grandchild out of 8 girls when I graduated high school and college they gifted me the pieces I truly wanted from great grandparents gone and I wear them to this day proudly and display them properly with photos of them wearing it.) My mother has especially enjoyed when boyfriends ask what to get me for a gift she tells them something Diamond or April pieces or Aries saying I’ll love it when her secret is not only will I love it but she always jokes it’s because it will last longer then they will which is true and hilarious. I must say I have acquired over 20 years an amazing family heirloom collection and personal collection an have also collected pieces from every color of the rainbow diamonds except purple still looking for they right piece that’s natural as well. Maybe for my birthday this year I’ll find something between now and then or get it custom made to finish my collection for my 38th birthday.
    Love the review videos. Wish you did some more like this as it’s very interesting to learn about the terms for jewelry especially when custom pieces are being discussed. Even more so when they are new styles we have never seen before and of course will be a new fad for it but the first is always great to see with an expert sharing the information of the inner workings or pieces. Love to see maybe taking either very high profile images with jewelry discussed there’s some amazing necklaces and bracelets to earrings I’m sure I’m not the only person whose seen some worn by people in photos, on carpets that definitely deserve a spotlight on.

  6. I seriously dig your vibes. Thank you for creating such enjoyable content! Would you ship to Australia??? Amazing. Love your work.

  7. I’m not really into jewelry, even got a tattoo on my ring finger instead of a ring earlier this year, but you sure do make it interesting! I would never have noticed those tiny little caps on the end of the pear shape, and the difference in the shape of the heart with the ratio was quite marked.
    Thanks for making such interesting content 👍

  8. Could you do a video of what the process is of getting a custom peace made looks like for the common folk? ❤️

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