Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Magpapakasal na ba kayo? O may balak na magpropose?

Amin ang tips on what to research on before buying your wedding or engagement ring!

And find out why we chose platinum, at alamin din ang advantages of getting platinum rings with Sep Vergara Platinum Jewelry!

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By Daryl

35 thoughts on “Our Wedding Rings! ( How We Made Them!) Sep Vergara Fine Jewelry”
  1. Watching now. Always watching your videos.
    Go go for platinum jewelries. Ang mahal nya ah.
    Ang ganda naman ng farm ni Mr. Sep.
    Someday may farm na rin kayong ganyan, Mel and Rocco. Believe and Keep the faith.

    1. Amen!! Sana nga! Hehe akala mo lang mahal, pero makikita mo investment mo pagtagal! No more polishing!

  2. Sobrang sweet, bagay na bagay 😊 tamang tama ang timpla niyong dalawa! It’s nice of you to share this video, very helpful.

  3. Will always be a fan of yours Idol Rocco. Solid follower on IG too @pedro.cdn2 😁❤️ Hoping manotice rin ako sa IG😅 GOD BLESS YOU PO SA INYO! 🙏🏻

  4. Very interesting video! And congrats to the newly weds. It was a truly classy pick you made. Platinum by Sep Vergara is the perfect choice… So proud of you, Sep. You’ve gone a long way and got more to conquer. Congrats to you, too, Sep. Much deserved…

  5. Hey, i disagree that white gold will discolor or tarnish. Don’t be BS! I don’t have a platinum jewelry yet but white gold ok? And i have it for over 10 years NOW still with the same original color but with some scratches obviously due to constant wearing them. The one that i have is a 14k white gold bracelet weighing 47g embedded with 1.52 ct VS-F DIAMONDS. Mind you the retail value is $10,000.00. Please don’t fool your viewers around, okay? I also have a WG 14k Ring embedded with 1.47 VS-F DIAMONDS and still the same color until now. FYI, I bought them both in New York, USA10 years ago. Please don’t BS your viewers. (Excuse my language…)

    1. Hahahaha DOM bracelet? Yours is the one DOM Ring🤣. Mga DOM ay walang taste na kagayamo…. i wanna make it clear that i don’t want an I-J quality of a Diamond. My Diamonds are VS-F quality. Are you familiar with that? I don’t think so. So, you need to educate yourself on that as well, ok? Huwag kang magbibitaw ng salitang DOM. Who do you think you are? Ngayon ka pa lang nagkaalahas dude. Para kang isang mga nakawala na mahilig sa saging sa mga zoo. Well, you need to be meticulous of what you are talking about here. As if nobody knows what platinum VS white gold is all about. You know exactly what i specified in my comment, right? Why are you offended aber? Didn’t i say excuse my language? Because you misled your viewers saying that white gold will discolor and tarnish. Am i correct?

    2. 🤣🤣 i am happy for your worldly possesions. May you continue to be happy with your diamonds. Kami happy kami kung kahit I-J ang clarity ng diamonds, what’s important is that it makes us happy. Tarnish= turning yellow over time. And wait for yours soon as your thin rhodium plating fades and you’ll have to do maintenance on it. May you remember me as you schedule your appointment for recoating. Have a happy life sir with your precious diamonds!😊

    3. @Rocco Nacino Official hahahaha more and more! Great if u’re happy about my possessions as i more than happy having them through the years receiving overwhelming remarks due to the brilliance of the stones, hehehe! There was even one time when i went to a jewelry store that the owner actually deceived the diamonds were fake, ahahahahaha! Noon ipinakitako ay binalanse na lang nga na: “yung quality ng diamonds ng jewelry ko daw ay ganun din yung mga binebenta niya.” Di na lang ako magreact kasi alam ko ang klase ng ibinebenta niya hahaha. Karamihan ng mga binebenta nila dito ay I-H to SI-G quality. At napakamahal pa ang benta nila😎. Mister, I am not really a basher. Actually i even subscribed on ur channel. Only when i heard something triggering and if i know for a fact that i am familiar of the topic being discussed especially on YouTube, then i will criticize. Well, it’s ur prerogative no matter what really the quality of ur wife’s diamonds, i don’t care… BUT don’t ever ever say something about a thing that u’re not sure about. Lalo na’t meron akong White Gold na pinag-usapan niyo din. You shouldn’t have mentioned a NEGATIVE statement/comment pertaining to any other metals/materials. Now, may i suggest to extensively educate yourself through consulting WIKIPEDIA for the facts on White Gold. I don’t contest of what u’ve said on Platinum because u were right.

      Here, consider this according to WIKIPEDIA:
      A common White Gold formulation consists of 90% wt. and 10% wt. Nickel. Copper can be added to increase malleability – (meaning optional). Nickel – is a silvery-white lustrous metal with a slight golden tinge. Tinge – can mean a small amount of just about something. Having mentioned that Mr Nacino, i didn’t encounter any statements pertaining to discoloration or tarnishing issues on White Gold. I hope this may enlighten ur knowledge on WG vs Platinum. So, I’m pretty positive that never will cross to my mind of restoring my jewelries as what you said. Perhaps you and your wife may regret sooner or later about the quality of stones embedded in her jewelries. You will remember me in due time….hehehe! I sincerely wish you both all the best. Enjoy and may/let God be the center of your marriage life. CIAO Mister!

    4. Look up rhodium plating and its connection to white gold. In due time you’ll need a retouch. That’s all I have to say. Thank you for your comments! Appreciate all of your opinions! 🙂

    5. @Rocco Nacino Official LOL! Have you consulted WIKIPEDIA yet pertaining to white gold? Because i just went to WIKIPEDIA again to check out what you said. Nothing i saw related to Rhodium Plating as one of the composition elements of White Gold Mister Rocco…. What is Rhodium Plating anyway? 🤨 BUT again I’m very much satisfied of the White Gold that i have and i got them from a Reliable Jewelry Store in New York not to mention that i actually bought them in 2005 SO THEY’RE IN MY POSSESSION FOR 16 YEARS NOW. Proud to say that they are very much in EXCELLENT CONDTION until now, so i firmly do believe that i have nothing to worry about restoring them. As much as i have no regrets at all(upon viewing ur blog) the fact i knew already the characteristics of the most expensive metal in the world – PLATINUM before purchasing them. Moreover, i didn’t make any second thought whether to choose a very low quality diamonds crafted in a Platinum BUT i just closed my eyes to have a very nice(not the high end one though which is the IF – Internally Flawless) diamonds mounted in a RELIABLE WHITE GOLD. People could barely distinguish anyway whether it’s a WG or Platinum, hehehehe! Sabi nga nila: “kahit daw maliit lang ang bato kung kumikinang sa kintab…” MAPAPAMANGHA ANG MGA TAO SAYO. Do you agree? I don’t wanna split the beans anymore regarding the vise versa😦

  6. wow, lovely couple, pretty & handsome, keepsafe , always( leonora lim) Bataan😍

  7. Supporter here all the way from the start. We Love you kuya Rocco 🥰🥰
    Stay Safee❤️

  8. Bagay na bagay po kayong dalawa idol gwapo ka at maganda din po ang asawa..sana all po idol🥰😍😘

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