Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

By Mack

29 thoughts on “Resizing Hardened Titanium Wedding Rings”
  1. I had a size 9 already made and Julie ordered a size 8.75 ring size so it was a good opportunity to show others that yes, hardened Titanium does stretch or shrink with enough muscle and a small assist of a 6 ton press~!

  2. Fantastic video. Could I hire you to resize a titanium ring for me? No local jewelers will take a shot at it.

    1. +EddieLovesYou I can probably take care of it for you provided it does not have precious jewels . If you can send me a photo that would be great. You can message me through my ETSY webpage at I’ll be happy to help.

    1. +Pablo Montegro If it’s for a ring you’ve bought from me in the past, I give all my customers free resizing for life. If it’s for a ring not purchased from me, please email me direct which you can find my contact info from and describe your ring, what it’s current size is and what you need it reduced to and I’ll get you a very reasonable quote. Thanks Pablo


    1. +Diablo Reviews Teflon tape is used to protect the titanium walls from scratches by adding a cushion around the coin or mandrel where steel would be pressed against the soft metal of it. It also helps it slide down through the dies almost like a lubricant.

  3. I just ordered one from your ETSY page and can’t wait to see how it comes
    out.  I’m so excited!

    1. +M-cooler I look forward to making you a ring you’ll be very excited about my friend and thank you.

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  5. I have a titanium ring with cubic zirconia stones, can you resize it from an 8 to a 10? It’s a ring my wife got for me but it does not fit, she says that local jewelry stores won’t resize it.

    1. Hello Gerard, I do resize a lot of rings (including titanium) for people who ask but sadly two rings sizes would be far to much for such a hard metal. The most you can hope for is one ring size larger or half ring size smaller from a 6mm band or half ring size larger or quarter smaller off an 8mm wide band. Having CZ or any gem inclusion automatically prevents any resizing at all because it would require the complete removal and re-insert which would really make it not worth it to do in most cases. If you would like, feel free to send me a snapshot of your ring showing the gem settings and thickness of band both from top (width) and from side (thickness) if you would like me to give you a quote to replicate the ring – that’s always an option and surprisingly more affordable in most cases. It certainly never hurts to look though. You can reach me at and message me through my ETSY page there.

  6. Can you increase the size of a thick surgical steel ring? The ring is 25 mm id, roughly 3 mm thick around MOST of the circumference, and roughly 10 mm wide around most of the circumference. (I can send photos) . I need it to be probably 3-5 mm wider id.

    1. I have resized surgical steel in the past but like you mentioned, I would need photos. I don’t want to post my email here where it could be picked up by spam bots but go to to message me and send a photo of your ring there so I can confirm 😊

  7. so i guess i can just as easily resize a simple stainless steel ring? I’ve seen many ppl doing it but every shop i ask they tell me its not posssible or that its not worth it cause its gonna destroy the ring

    1. I’m really surprised nobody will resize stainless steel for you bud. Stainless is very easy to resize and stretches quite far. The only ones I don’t mess with are those with gems or stones that might come loose or those with inlays like wood, etc that would break otherwise if it’s a stainless band you can easily enlarge most by upwards of 3 sizes and reduction as much as 1.5 sizes. I offer this service on stainless typically for under $20 bucks as can be seen here…

    2. p.s. The guys that have experienced shattering of stainless occurred because they didn’t heat up the steel first. Cold steel will shatter but if you heat it up there’s no problem (in case you are doing it yourself).

    3. @Patriot Coin Rings ye I was thinking about trying myself since no1 is doing it,but I guess I don’t have the proper eguipment to heat it up as much as it needs. Plus the ring has a gold plattening from the outside,I don’t know if it’s just color or real if I try it I’m gonna mess up the color I think

    4. @Luc!fer Black Not as hard as you may think and I’ll pass on a little tip for you here. On most rings you’ll see everyone use a propane torch to heat (anneal) and quench before molding or reshaping/resizing a ring. That’s great but what about softer metals like silver and gold or even harder material like Titanium that anodizes in the process? Not sure how how many others use this method but I’ve been doing it for years, I use a heat gun. A heat gun will get your ring well up there in temperature plenty hot enough and costs only around fifteen bucks at Harbor Freight for a nice one. The sweet spot here is that hot air doesn’t change the colors of the metal nearly as much as an open flame does, it doesn’t force black oxidization like Propane and you don’t have to quench in Sparex 2 acid, you can just dip in plain water and work it. Hope that helps bud.

  8. Another AWESOME VIDEO my friend!!!! I learn so much from your channel! MORE……MORE……MORE!!!!

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