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00:00 Introduction

00:48 My fascination with men’s rings actually started in 2015 when I was in Berlin, Germany. At the flea market, I spotted this malachite sterling silver ring which cost just 10 euros and I liked the look of it and that started it all for me.

So what do rings on different fingers mean?

01:07 First of all, let’s start with the ring finger. Interestingly, before medical science was established, people thought that there was a direct vein from your ring finger to your heart, it was called the vena amoris or the vein of love. Because of that, it was the natural finger to wear a wedding ring on.

03:33 Which brings us to our next finger. The word pinky is derived from the Dutch word pink which means as much as a little finger. The earliest recorded use of the term pinky goes back to Scotland in the year 1808. Wearing a pinky ring for men has a long history of symbolism. For example, in Victorian times, men including Prince Albert would wear their wedding band on their pinky ring. Sometimes, it was also stacked underneath their signet ring which was also worn on their pinky finger. On the other hand, in the US, pinky rings were sometimes associated with criminals and thugs.

04:53 Next up is the middle finger, also known as the long or the tall finger. It’s most well known for the obvious gesture you can make with it and because of that, very few men choose to wear a ring on this finger. If you ever put a ring on your middle finger, you can notice that it gets in the way of things and it feels odd on your hand. A ring located at the center of the hand is said to symbolize responsibility and balance. Wearing a ring on your middle finger is a very bold choice that gets you noticed and
maybe it can even be a conversation starter.

05:34 Next up is the index finger, also known as a trigger finger or pointer finger. It’s a most dominant finger, only second to the thumb, and because of that, it symbolizes power or authority and leadership, maybe even more so than the middle finger. If you want your ring to get noticed, wear it on your index finger.

06:19 Now last but not least is the thumb. It is probably your most used finger and it’s usually associated with softer gestures such as the thumbs up which are less harsh as the index finger where we point at things. In my experience, the thumb is the key to any kind of a grip position so having a ring really restricts your movement and it’s just awkward.

How many rings can you wear? The simple answer is that’s up to you. There have been men who’ve worn rings on every finger, sometimes even stacked on the same finger. Others wear six rings or four. Personally, I’m a big believer in less is more.

What about wearing two or more rings on the same hand? The most traditional way is probably to stack your wedding band and your pinky ring all on your pinky finger.

Now, what if you want to wear rings right next to each other, let’s say on your pinky and your ring finger? Personally, I’m not a big fan because the metal touches and it just feels awkward on my hand. A classic traditional safe way for men to wear rings is to have a single one on your ring finger. If you want to add two, you can put it on a different hand, either on your pinky or on your ring finger or you can stack them on your pinky.

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29 thoughts on “Rings & Their Meaning, Symbolism For Men – What Finger(s) To Wear A Ring On”
  1. And here we go, an interesting video to watch!
    I love this channel.
    I learned so much and I upgraded my closet.

    1. I wear three rings every day. On my left hand I wear a gold ring with 3 garnet stones on my ring finger. On my right hand I wear a lapis gold ring on my ring finger and then a gold signet ring on my pinkie.

    2. @Gentleman’s Gazette Was ist den die Bedeutung von Ringen an einer Halskette?

    3. Ah you are a ring collector ?
      Iยดm a daily metaldetecting / ring Hunter on beaches .
      I have like 60 gold rings : w. Stones (all sorts) , old sealrings , oldest 500 y old and much more..
      Silver rings i have like 500…
      But i not realy collect them..
      Wanna sell it thought to the right person ,..a collector .
      If your intrested Just let me know.
      Greets from the Netherlands
      Johny geerts

  2. When I was first married I had a plain gold band my wife complained it was too plain looking for her so for our 5th anniversary she gave me a new wedding band with diamonds on it I could part with my original plain gold band for sentimental reasons so I decided to stack the two on my left ring finger looks great to me

  3. Obviously late to the party, but I wear 4 on the left (tungsten signet on the pinky, surgical steel wedding on the ring, octagonal sterling silver on the index, and tungsten on the thumb). 3 on the right (surgical steel dragon’s claw on the thumb, tungsten on the index, and surgical steel signet on the pinky. Used to wear rings on each middle finger, but I work in a factory. They impaired my work.

  4. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Traditionally I will wear my wedding band. When I attend a special function (Wedding, Anniversary, etc) I will wear a second ring on my pinky finger, next to my wedding band. I feel it helps to balance my hands out. On rare occasions, I will wear a third ring on my right hand. It is normally more decorative and be placed on either my thumb or pinky.

  6. Me, a woman, who wears thick gold and silver rings on every finger and both thumbs because it makes me feel powerful: ๐Ÿ˜…

  7. I can only fit my ring on my pinky finger, so I have no choice which finger I can use.

  8. On my left hand ring finger, I wear a gold ring set with a large amethyst. On my right hand ring finger, I wear a gold graduation ring set with a blue spinel. A woman said to me that she liked the way in which I had coordinated the colour of that blue gem-stone, with my tie, to match my eyes.

  9. I started with index finger now I wear on only my pinky fingers. Same rings on both fingers. I wonder how I will change if I got married. LOL!

  10. Rings: what big ears he has..
    Also rings: so that he can hear us go on various fingers.

  11. For safety reasons while performing construction with huge steel beams , columns and cranes , rigging, any heavy equipment rings are forbidden. at work….. It is easy to accidentally snag or hook a ring on heavy metal while being moved. It has and does literily tear your ring and finger off.. No it usually cannot be reattached. Dont wear rings while around dangerous machines.

  12. Love the channel. I did not realize you were German. I just assumed that you were an American who spoke very precisely.

  13. The origins of the ring and earrings were based in Saturn(satan)worship. For a woman to hear her god she wore earrings. When married under the god Saturn they wore wedding rings. This goes back way farther than most know. The ring represents the Ring of Saturn. Wedding like we know today is not biblical. It is a union under the power of the state granted by their god not The God. Research is key to understanding. That is why marriage is a institution and a wealth transfer. Its business not a holy matrimony.

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