Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Here Are Some Of The Most Spectacular Royal Engagement Rings

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Part 1

By Daryl

24 thoughts on “Royal Engagement Rings part 2 narrated”
  1. Lovely video, excellent narration and thank you for speaking in an appropriate speed!

  2. Rebecca Pattison, There are people here on YouTube copying your content word for word and picture by picture AND they are monitised. HOW?? That is wrong.

    1. Ikr? What was that about? My husband gave me a bigger diamond than that, and he was 21 years old and shoveled coal for a living at the time.

    2. Hmmm. I would never be embarrassed to wear anything my husband gave me, worked hard for picked out. In fact I asked for a simple ring so I wouldn’t scratch my kids up with it. I guess I find it more practical. The one he gave me is still too big for my taste, but I wear it bc he chose it. And we are still together after 12 years and four kids, a slew of pets. I think it’s incredibly shallow and materialistic to expect a huge expensive ring. When I die, no one will care about that ring but they will remember how much my husband loved me and how much he sacrificed for our family..

    3. Maybe it’s not custom there to have a big jewel. Lol even Rebecca said ‘this petite diamond’s. Better to have a little ring than a bad marriage and a big expensive rock though.

  3. Oh, NOT a fan of the French flag ring – a bit too literal for my taste. I love the simplicity and punch of colour of the ring at 8:37. Thanks for uploading – always fascinating to see people’s different tastes in engagement rings.

    1. If I had heard of this ring before seeing it, I would have thought “eeeew”, but for some reason I really like it a lot. 😁

  4. I am impressed with the research that went into this and how thorough you were in most of it. You described so many rings and in such detail. However, I have found some accounts though that dispute the fact that the Hope Diamond was ever used by Marie Antoinette.

    1. Smh…no she means GREY gold! There is grey, white,yellow,and even pink and green gold,Gold is a very soft substance, the color comes from the alloys that are mixed with the gold to make it possible to shape and wear. So white gold has palladium mixed in with it to give it a more brilliant appearance, this is a fairly new and expensive process. Grey gold has usually iron and copper mixed into it which gives it an antiqued or duller look. A lot of old rings are considered grey gold.

  5. Too many good ones to mention. I really thought the band of diamond hearts with one red ruby heart was cute, I’ll leave it at that. Not usually a big fan of red stones, but it was sweet. I think it was royalty of Venice, I forgot the names. (Blush!)

  6. If I were princess Natila I would ask her husband “now that we are married can I have the real engagement ring”? I know it’s the sentiment that counts but OMG it’s not like he hasn’t got the funds.

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