Tue. May 24th, 2022

Machine Gun Kelly gives a new meaning to “love is pain,” admitting he designed fiancée Megan Fox’s engagement ring with thorns, so it physically hurts to remove it. Tell us: is this romantic or weird?

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16 thoughts on “Say What?! Machine Gun Kelly Designed Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring With Thorns”
  1. In his caption he said that THE TWO BANDS OF THE RING LOOK LIKE THORNS! Not that he put thorns in them

  2. It’s borderline abusive to design a ring that would actually injure someone. Big red flag 🚩

  3. don’t u think that they put filters on hosts’ faces?? they look so blurred…almost like kardashians

  4. As long as his crazy matches your crazy. They drank blood together, that’s all we needed to know

  5. Honestly I don’t think a 💍 ring on someone’s finger matters to some , if they want to cheat ,if someone’ wants to approach some one who’s married or engaged, they are going to do it regardless if there’s a ring or not! The thing is ,its Honestly up to the person who’s wearing the ring to respect the symbol and meaning of whatever commitment the ring may be to them. Just because a person wears a ring don’t mean it stops them from having free will to do whatever they want , it Doesn’t guarantee that this person ain’t going to give another an opportunity. Ring is a symbol of whatever it was given for, not a leash or a collar! Just saying 😌

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