Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

By admin

14 thoughts on “Testing Customer’s Engagement Ring (Part 3)”
  1. I mean they obviously lied about it being real and I wouldn’t marry them if they lie about somthing like that I’d rather it have like no diamond and be a nice band with a design and tiny stones then with a diamond

  2. Honestly if I was to ever get proposed to I dont want a dimond it can be a 20 dollar ring from Walmart idc but the wedding ring can be more expensive though bc you know it’s a wedding ring but I do not care on the price of somthing If I have been dating someone for long enough for them to marry me they should know I love them more than the ring

  3. Love shouldn’t be based off of items or how big you ring is, or if it’s real or fake, maybe that’s all he could afford, he might even be saving for a wedding ring all that should matter is that you love each other.

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