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The difference between wedding and engagement rings is when the couple receives them. An engagement ring is for a proposal when a couple wants to marry. Couples exchange wedding rings at a wedding ceremony when they officially become married.

Engagement rings often are simpler than the wedding band, although they complement it. If you’re thinking about getting married, you’ll want to know the differences. Many people often confuse the two types of rings, so we’ll break down engagement vs. wedding rings: here’s what you should know!
Do You Need To Have Both?
Whether you want both an engagement and a wedding ring is up to you and your partner. If you search “jewelry store near me,” you’ll find plenty of stores that carry beautiful designs.

Some people feel more comfortable wearing and paying for one ring. In contrast, others enjoy the classic look of two rings stacked together. Overall, it’s up to you and your future spouse!

If anything happens to them, you always have the option for high-quality Arcadia jewelry repair – so you shouldn’t have any worries.
Is It a Wedding Ring Or Wedding Band?
Many people also wonder whether they should call the jewelry a wedding ring or band. These two phrases are interchangeable, so you can use either one when visiting jewelry stores.

Men’s wedding rings tend to be simple and made from solid metal, while women’s bands are often more ornate. However, you can choose bands in various styles! You have thousands of options, so don’t let that hold you back from getting the ring you want the most.
Combining Engagement & Wedding Rings
If you buy them separately from different jewelry stores in Arcadia, you need to make sure they match exactly. The metal type, color, and gems should be consistent in both rings. If you need help, don’t hesitate to visit the nearest jewelry store to you.

Rings that don’t fit together can rub and cause damage. If that happens, you’ll have to visit your local Arcadia jewelry repair shop to undo the scratches. It’s best to find rings that fit together nicely!

To avoid the hassle, you can always buy your engagement and wedding rings in a set. These rings always fit together perfectly.
Are There Engagement Rings For Men?
Most men choose only to wear their wedding ring after the ceremony. However, it’s becoming more commonplace for men to wear an engagement ring. There are plenty of options that you can find when shopping for jewelry in Arcadia.

Like with women’s engagement rings, you can find simple bands for men and very elaborate ones. You’ll want to consider your partner’s style, budget, and preferences to find the perfect men’s engagement ring.
How To Wear Engagement And Wedding Rings?
There are no rules to wearing your rings. However, most people wear them on their left ring finger. The wedding ring goes on first so that it’s closer to your heart, with the engagement band on top of it.
Why Engagement Rings Are More Expensive?
Engagement rings often have a large signature diamond, with more details in the design. Wedding rings may have smaller diamonds. On average, an engagement ring costs $6,530 – but you can spend as much as you’re comfortable with!

When searching for jewelry in Arcadia, you have a variety of options. You can also browse through local stores online, in the comfort of your home!
Final Thoughts
If you find yourself searching for “jewelry repair around me,” reach out to our repair experts at Dorano Jewelry. Our jewelers can also help you find the perfect engagement and wedding ring set for your special day!

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