Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

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The correct way to wear a wedding ring is on the left finger. Find out about the correct way to wear a wedding ring with help from an expert who is known as the liaison to the designers in this free video clip.

Expert: Tali Gallo
Filmmaker: Michael Watkins

Series Description: Wedding dresses are one of the most important elements of a bride’s big day. Get tips on wedding dresses and other bridal wear with help from an expert who is known as the liaison to the designers in this free video series.

By Mack

38 thoughts on “What Is the Correct Way to Wear Wedding Rings? : Wedding Dresses & Bridal Fashion”
  1. Young women teaching a old lady how to wear a ring…oh darling go stitch for once

  2. You remove your engagement ring to your right hand on your wedding day and put it back onto your left hand after your wedding band has been put onto your bare finger.

    1. Thank you I learned what I was looking for in your comment. This video is not informative.

  3. Before the wedding you take your engagement ring off. Your husband puts the wedding band on your finger – so that it’s closer to your heart – then you put the engagement ring back on. This woman has no idea what she’s talking about. She can’t even tell a wedding band from the engagement ring. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Who even cares. Wear your rings however the hell you wanna wear it. It use to be a tradition that you were supposed to be a virgin before you even got married because wearing white symboilzed innocence and purity. As time went on, women obviously changed that standard. With that being said, wear your ring however you want. Wear it on your pinky. Loop it through a chain, and turn it into a necklace. Add it to a charm on a charm bracelet. Hell, don’t even wear it at all if you don’t want to. Traditions are meant to be broken, so that you can find what fits for YOU.

    2. Agreed! While the bride is in the dressing room with all her maids assisting her and finishing up the mother of the bride or the bride herself, transfers the engagement ring to the right hand ring finger before walking down the aisle. During the ring exchange portion the groom then has a empty finger to commit his vows to.

    3. Oh my YES she had the terms all messed up and boom I read your comment out of all to make sure I wasn’t crazy 🤦🏽‍♀️. Thanks 🙏🏾

  4. wedding band closest to the heart so thats first on then the engagement ring…. duh

  5. The correct way to wear your wedding and engagement rings is exactly the way you want to!

    1. Yeah, that’s crap. You’re used to getting a participation prize just for showing up, aren’t you. Btw, this woman is WRONG. The traditional way to wear a wedding set is wedding ring first, then the engagement ring on top.

  6. Um the no dimond band is the wedding ring not the engagement. Wedding band is on the bottom and the engagement is on top.

  7. Ivwearcmy engagement ring first like you did when you just had the ring only before the wedding band then the wedding band next only because my engagement ring was the first thing I got then the wedding band bead second and my stone shape is heart half of my heart , half of my husband’s heart

  8. You have it backwards. The engagement ring is put in after the wedding ring, in theory to protect the wedding ring and to put it close to your heart. .

  9. I don’t think the order of the rings make any difference, as long as you wear them. Be faitfull, respect your spouse or wife and it feels comfortable in your finger, you like them, your happy, done deal

  10. Guess I’m unique, I’m wore my engagement ring on my wedding day my husband put my wedding band on next to it had it like that for 5 years now we upgraded my wedding rings, and now my bridal set is a 3 peice set, so I’m wearing my first wedding band, than my engagement ring, than my eternity band in that order.

  11. However momma wants to.
    That’s how my wife will wear it.
    David James West, a Christian man

  12. I use my engament ring first wedding second.the priest dosent said how only said in the left finger.

  13. It’s worn on the third finger of left hand because that finger has a vein that goes straight to the heart. This woman does not know what she is talking about

  14. I personally just wear it on my ring finger on my left hand because my husband couldn’t think to get my ring size, so my ring ended up being too big for the proper finger. People always ask me why I wear it like that, and I just tell em I like it like that. Gotta spice it up. It use to be a tradition that you were suppose to be a virgin in order to get married since white symbolized innocence and purity. We obviously changed that. So yeah. Lol.

  15. The wedding finger is on our left hands because the left hand is the hand closest to our hearts. God bless

  16. Totally wrong if you look at what you just did… you put the wedding band on first but you said put the engagement ring on first… What the heck are you talking about… and… to tell the real facts, in Europe we wear our wedding and engagement rings on the right hand… the left hand is North America…

  17. Traditionally I know many women wear the engagement ring first then the wedding band since when has it started being the other way around I’m curious? I know people sometimes wear it also on the wedding day with the engagement ring then the wedding ring stacked and switch it later.

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